ECITE (European Contact Improvisation Teachers Exchange) has been organized since 1985 and hosted each year by a different European country offering a meeting place where teachers, performers primarily from Europe gather to exchange, to inspire, to share, to discuss, to research, to reflect on their CI teaching and performing practices.

The 30th ECITE will take place in Kerecsend, Hungary from the 19th to the 27th of August 2016.



This very unique gathering has it’s history, presence and future just as the form itself. We would like to focus on the present moment with the good old or perhaps forever young question:
What does it mean to be a contact improvisation teacher (today?)

and further more:
How to teach CI (today)?
How do I define myself as a CI teacher?

and related:
What does it take to become, to sustain yourself and to stay healthy as a teacher?



We wish to welcome teachers with many years of teaching experience as well as those have just begun sharing their vision and practice of this emerging form.
We are curious to hear what is important /inspirational for someone teaching this form for over 20 years and for those have just begun. The study and research of CI spirals in all directions, knowledge is widening, expanding and yet we can come back to basics and ask the "same” questions. But are those really the same?

Let's see how we can come together and find what moves us, what inspires us, where our work brings us, how far our work can reach and resonate beyond the dance floor /ground.

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Let's bring your interest, focus, small, big, simple and complex questions with you and write them down as you answer the questions on the registration form! that will help us to create a program with pre planned and spontaneous events that has space for example:

Activities for all ECITE participants – ECITE anchor events

Sharing teaching practices in smaller groups

Researching specific topics, themes (Labs)

Discussing issues of teaching and performing

Introducing the local CI scenes

Sharing personal interests in a format of open talks and interviews

Reflecting on and documenting our work and discussing the documentation of ECITE


Lots of dancing/ JAMMING and anything else you wish for and suggest.....

The program/schedule will be ready before the event, for now our plan is:

Have a nice and easy arrival on the 19th of August and open ECITE with an info circle and JAM

Day 1    Get to know each other on the dance floor ( 20th of August - National Holiday in Hungary)
Day 2/3 Dive into the Exchange

Day 4    Have a day off - resting, dancing in water, talking, reading or whatever you need

Day 5/6 Continue..…

Day 7    Lets see what is there and needed, wrap up, give feedback, reflect etc

Day 8    We will have more dancing and a closing circle, then after lunch we can say our goodbyes


Enikő Szilágyi, Eszter Gál, Péter Lipka



Zsóka Nej - registration

With help and support from:
Richard Sarco-Thomas - Web support
Peter Pleyer, Tamás Bakó - Content facilitation
Colleen Bartley - ECITE Documentation project
Zoltán Nagy - Video documentation and technical support