Accommodation and price per person:


A) 320 € - Double room (2+ person) with own bathroom (this option is very limited)B) 290 € - Dormitory rooms (4 – 6 beds) with shared bathrooms

C)  280 € - Sleeping in one studio on mats (limited) – with shared bathrooms – this studio will be used for programs during the day

D)  210 € - Private accommodation not on site - Rooms to let / Bed&breakfast / in Zimmer frei near Kerecsend If you choose this option you book it for yourselves, with our help if needed

Options A) B) C) include:
Participation in all ECITE programs, accommodation for 8 nights, 3 meals daily plus extras during the day and evening

Option D)  includes:
Participation in all ECITE programs, 3 meals daily plus extras during the day and evening

dorm_room1   DoubleRoom1   dorm_room2   DoubleRoom_plus1

Options for Guesthouse in Kerecsend and nearby:

Vadrózsa Vendégház (Demjén)  -  Contact: +36 30 414 0286

Bodza Vendégház (Demjén)  -  Contact: +36-70-3391942, +36-36-784417

Lila Akác Vendégház (Kerecsend)  -  Contact: +36 30 3015836

Sókristály Vendégház (Demjén)  -  Contact: +36 70/308-3095, + 36 36/788-790

Arriving to Budapest before ECITE and staying in Budapest after ECITE:
4 rooms – Airbnb

Children and families:




They are all welcome, although we can not host children and (non ECITE participant) family members on site. However we are happy to help you finding private accommodation options near by (5 or 10 min car drive away). Please contact us with more details if you wish to bring your children (age, number, special needs etc) or other family members.

Financial assistance/work exchange:

ECITE2016 is officially (financially) organized by the Kontakt Műhely Kft, a small business enterprise, and do not receive any funding for organizing the event and to that end are unable to offer scholarships or work-exchange positions.

We encourage you to apply for funding in your home countries. Email us, and we will be happy to help you with letters of invitation.

As with previous ECITE's this year we would like to be able to offer discounts for those who really need help from a crowfound. Those who can comfortably afford the cost of participation and/or wish to support the fund can donate a little bit extra! Your donation will go directly towards the participation cost of someone needing financial support. If you want to give to the crowdfund, please enter the amount you wish to give in a section on the application form, and add this amount to the deposit when you transfer the money.

Discounts will be available with the ECITE2016 crowdfund. If you need financial support please write to us your reasons and the amount you could afford (be specific). We will try our best to make up the difference or parts of the difference using the money from the ECITE2016 crowdfund.

Registration:     Download registration form

Registration has begun so reserve your place as soon as possible as we can only welcome around 65 participants this year

To register please fill out/submit the registration form in full and transfer the 150 € deposit

After receiving your application we will send you a confirmation letter within a week. Please transfer the deposit within 10 days of receiving confirmation from the ECITE team

Your place is secure only after we have received both your registration form and deposit, if you have chosen to donate to the crowdfund you must pay your donation along with your deposit

Please send your your deposit including crowdfund donation to:

Kontakt Műhely Kft.
H-1163. Margit utca 28/C/2

Bank account: 12011650-01374850-00200004

IBAN: HU49120116500137485000200004

Bank address: Raiffeisen Bank Zrt.
H-1054 Budapest, Akadémia u. 6.

Please include these details on your bank transfer: ECITE2016 and your name

The remainder of the fee should be paid in € (cash) on arrival at the registration desk

Application deadline is the 1st of July 2016

Only when you have payed your deposit and received email confirmation from the ECITE team is your place reserved (please get in touch if you have waited more than 10 days for confirmation). Once all places are taken we will open a waiting list and if cancellation happens we will inform you about your place

Cancellation policy:
If you cancel your participation before the 1st of July one third of the deposit will be refunded. Please contact us in specific (extreme) cases.


3 meals a day will be prepared for us on site and there will be all options available. Please indicate on the registration form your food preference, allergies or any other important information for us to know.

Location and venue:
Kerecsend Malompark - The Mill

Kerecsend is about 120 km away from the center of Budapest. The Mill has been build at the turn of the century, and not long ago has been completely rebuilt and it hosts cultural, educational, children programs throughout the whole year. It is situated in the center if the small town, which is a 5 minutes drive away from the city of Eger and Egerszalók. The area is famous for its vinyards, tasty wine and historical sites. Also nearby thermal baths can be found and we will have the option to spend our day off in the Demjén Thermal bath.

Spaces for our dance exchange:
2 wooden floor studios (120m2 and 80m2)
1 studio with tatami (~ 60m2)
1 big GYM hall

We can also use the dining room and several other indoor and outdoor spaces for one to one, seminars, small group discussions, etc. 

Ker_malom_studio_vil   Kerecsend_MILL_entry   demjen_furdo2  Kerecsend_MILL 



Travel information:

1) Flight or taking a train to Budapest and bus
The best and most simple is to take a flight or a travel by train to Budapest, then travel to Kerecsend by bus. There is a direct bus from Stadionok National Bus station, Hungária krt. 48-52, from Metro line 2. See website for timetable of the bus (1050).

2) By car directly to Kerecsend
It is close to the E71 (M3) highway – exit at 114, take the road 33 towards Füzesabony / Eger and leave at the 3rd exit on the roundabout towards road number 3 (drive 4,2 km), then turn right to Beregsori út and enter Kerecsend. See map for directions in Kerecsend. Address: 3396 Kerecsend, Jókai út 9-11. 

Travel info:

Contact us: